Betty Ice cream

Betty Ice is the perfectly balanced dessert inspired by nature. We are always striving to harmoniously blend senses and shapes with the prodigies of nature, in order to create the perfect ice cream. Betty Ice mirrors our idea of perfection, namely a delicious ice cream that makes your mouth water with a single glance. More than 60 Betty Ice assortments are ready to steal your heart away. For each sensation there are several assortments! For each joy there are several flavours! Betty Ice is the fruit of our labour that we are willing to share with everyone. Born from passion to inspire passion!

Betty Ice Gelato shops

For the great ice cream lovers we created the Betty Ice parlours, where the most delicate ice cream can be savoured in a special ambiance. Already available in four cities, the Betty Ice parlours are genuine oases, garnished with the yummiest desserts, cold beverages, coffee drinks and fruit cocktails, all enhanced with ice cream. Whether a gourmet or simply sweet toothed, you will be pleasantly surprised by the available selection and innovating ice cream-based recipes. The Betty Ice desserts will take you by surprise with each new flavour that you try and each combination will catch your attention. Discover the Betty Ice parlours, the dream of any ice cream enthusiast! 

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